CISV educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world.

We are an international voluntary organisation that has been bringing young people together for over 60 years. CISV runs a range of programmes for different age groups, bringing together participants from over 70 countries.

CISV London is the one of the newest chapter in Great Britain, founded in 2011. We have a committee and Junior Branch, and look forward to sending more participants in the future – join us!


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  1. Hi, I’m new to CISV but my friends from different delegations have been away in the past few years and thoroughly enjoyed it, saying they’ve made memories for life and loved the experience, which has inspired me to join. I’d be really interested in joining the London Junior Branch, I’m sixteen years old and I’ll be seventeen on 28th of June. Would it be possible to send infomation via email for the monthly branch dates please and other essential information I may need to know. I haven’t really figured out how everything works yet, it seems quite complicated, and it would be great if someone could explain it. Thank you, Sam

  2. Dear Sr./Sra.
    My name IS Práxedes, I have tho daugther, they are 16 years old,
    Is It possible that they are on July Edith tour programe?
    Thank you for your attencion

    • Hi Praxedes
      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m not sure what exactly you are asking? Do you live in London and if so what are your daughters’ names and dates of birth? We don’t have anything available for that age group this summer.
      CISV London

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