Successful Summer BBQ

On Saturday 22 June, members of CISV London travelled to Windsor for the summer farewell BBQ to wish our delegations the best of luck on their forthcoming travels this summer.

The village delegation travelling to Amsterdam this summer showed off their Morris dancing costumes, complete with bells, and also treated everyone to a taste of the Morris Dance itself (with an old hand drafted in to help). The delegation will perform this on their National Night at the village, where they will share the ‘best of British’ to the other delegations.

Delegation 2013

Village delegation (with extra help from Julia) in Morris Dancing outfits

We also had participants present who will be travelling to the Project GB in Leeds in August. This project, for age group 12-13, will focus on the theme ‘Human Rights: Born Free’, and have participants from branches across Great Britain.

The day itself was sunny in parts, and a lovely opportunity to meet other families and participants involved in CISV London.

Many thanks go to our treasurer Raph and his family for organising and hosting us all, and to our committee for organising all the opportunities for our participants this summer. We wish them all the best!


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