London goes to Project GB!

From 31 March to 6 April, a delegation from London attended CISV Great Britain’s first ever Project GB for the 14-15 age group. Their leader Marte shares the exciting experience:

This Easter I was lucky enough to be able to take a week of work and be a leader at CISV Project GB in Harrogate. It is 6 years since I last was a leader and that was at an international summer camp in Munich with my local CISV branch in Norway. I thought being a leader at Project GB would give me the opportunity to get more involved with CISV GB and connect with other CISVers, but it was so much more. I never believed a week at the camp would be this amazing, some parts even better then my summer camp. I think especially the discussions and the age group was a lot of fun, and interesting to work with.

I brought three girls with me to Harrogate. Hiba and Lauren from London, and Isaura, a Spanish girl living in Brighton. Two of them new to CISV, and one who is a CISVer from Spain. By the end of the camp these girls had made me so proud to be their leader. Not only did they actively join in on activities, they also ran and planned their own activities and participated in group discussions. During the camp we built shelters outside, discussed human rights issues and went to Harrogate to do a flash mob with Amnesty International.

Flash mob planned by participants, Project GB, April 2013

Flash mob planned by participants, Project GB, April 2013

A big thank you for making this camp so great have to go to the incredible staff team that made this all happen. This was the first Project GB for 14-15 year olds, but I really hope it will not be the last.

CISV is always going to be an organisation close to my heart, and being able to participate at these camps sharing the CISV feeling with other people is something truly special.


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